LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The most up to date tech devices are on full presentation this week at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show! CES 2020 authoritatively starts tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 8 News Now got a first take a gander at a portion of the current year’s most forefront thingamajigs and contraptions.

A considerable lot of the gadgets highlighted at the occasion are keen home items, including the Millo Blender.

“It actually uses a magnet to blend and a sensor in the cup to sense what kind of liquid is going in the cup. You’ll see everything just light up right here. This is all a touch screen platform, so you just touch the screen, and the blender goes,”clarified Jennifer Drogus, executive of strategy interchanges for the Consumer Technology Association.

It’s likewise intended for any sort of drink.

“Not all smoothies are created equal, so this actually is a smart blender, and it calibrates to the consistency of the liquid in here,” said Drogus.

Advanced wellbeing items are likewise large this year, similar to the FreeStyle Libre by Abbott. It’s a remote blood glucose screen where they don’t need to prick their finger.

“You put this sensor on your arm,” showed Drogus, “the sensor reads your blood glucose levels.” Then they take it off, take the sensor and swipe it.

Columnist Orko Manna likewise attempted the pristine Livall bicycle head protector that carries wellbeing to the roads.

“This sensor right here goes on your handlebars, and it reads into the helmet that you’re wearing,” clarified Drogus. It likewise enables they to caution others when they are making a move. “I want to make a right turn, I’ll just click this, just click that, and then the turn signal is on!”

Every one of these items and more will be up front all week at CES 2020.

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