Behringer hasn’t been bashful about its arrangements to clone probably the most notorious synthesizers at any point made. In November alone, the organization appeared the Poly D dependent on the Minimoog Model D, the Wasp Deluxe dependent on EDP Wasp and the TD-3 dependent on the Roland TB-303. Not having any desire to let the schedule flip before it could prod its next restoration, Behringer flaunted the CAT synth not long ago – an Eurorack-good instrument dependent on the Octave Cat that appeared in 1976. The first was utilized by acts like Chemical Brothers, Devo and some more.

While Behringer says the CAT is “a real propagation” of the CAT SRM II hardware, the new form is feeling the loss of a key element of the first: a console. The organization likewise nixed the keys on its Wasp clone for a work area module, so this is certifiably not an enormous astonishment. Notwithstanding, it offers a simple sign way with double VCO plan. The first has four oscillator shapes – sawtooth, triangle, balanced heartbeat and sub

octave square – while the second has sawtooth, square and sub shapes. There are independent sliders for each shape, so you can change the sound as you see fit. Those oscillators can be regulated from six sources, with two profundity attenuators. The vintage CAT channel (VCF) is likewise included.

The CAT clone was first declared two years prior when Behringer affirmed it was likewise chipping away at new forms of the ARP 2600, Wasp, Korg MS-20 and a few others. For the time being, it appears the organization is content on simply demonstrating what the CAT can do – there’s no word on estimating or accessibility right now. NAMM is practically around the bend however, so we could get more data during that occasion.

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