Assemble With Care, one of our preferred Apple Arcade games, is advancing toward PC. Designer UsTwo (Monument Valley) says it’ll be accessible on Steam at some point in the principal quarter of 2020.

It’s a riddle fathoming game in which you’re entrusted with fixing different devices and things, with a story going through the whole thing. You’ll have to dismantle each article, make sense of what’s not working, fix it and sort everything pull out. The things are ordinarily less perplexing than their genuine partners, yet that doesn’t mean it’s not charming or fulfilling to fix them.

Apple Arcade games aren’t available elsewhere on mobile (i.e. Android or the App Store) or any other subscription service. Consoles and PC are fair game, though. Several other titles are out on or coming to consoles or PC, including What The Golf?, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Shantae and the Seven Sirens. Apple Arcade is still great value, but it’s good that some of its best games are available elsewhere too.

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