Are the modern ports of Aladdin and The Lion King not adequately nostalgic for you? You’re going to get your retro fix, to say the least. Nighthawk Interactive and iam8bit are arranging physical arrivals of the exemplary Disney games, including constrained “Heritage” cartridges for Aladdin on the Genesis/Mega Drive, and Lion King on SNES – about at least somewhat valid of finding a unique duplicate on eBay. They’ll cost $100 each, won’t deliver until mid 2020 and will just have 4,500 accessible units each, however you don’t get numerous open doors like this. Pre-orders start October 24th at 1PM Eastern on iam8bit.

In case you’re not exactly that inspired by the first organization, there will likewise be a physical Retro Edition of Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King for the Switch. It’ll be accessible in both Genesis-and SNES-style boxes, with a retro-like manual to coordinate. It lands on December tenth for $50, and pre-requests will begin simultaneously with respect to the Legacy cartridges, just this time on Best Buy. While the outing through a world of fond memories won’t be a remarkable same, it might be the more sensible decision on the off chance that you don’t have a ’90s support covered in your closet.

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